Episode 10

Published on:

9th Oct 2023

STRAT | Drones, AI, Business Opportunity, and Conflict

On this episode of STRAT, Mark Mansfield and Hal Kempfer dive into what may be the biggest change in our society since the internet, and before that the introduction computers. While everyone has seen Hollywood Sci-Fi’s about the dangers of drones, robots and sentient automation, what does this mean for business, government and how we live from a practical standpoint?! What planning and preparedness should we undertake, and what opportunities and threats does this really represent?!

While some would argue that this started in the ‘70’s when this kind of technology’s potential was recognized as a game changer – a particularly alluring prospect with the backdrop of the Cold War – what’s happening today seems to be occurring at such a rapid clip that it can seem to many of us as simply overwhelming. Leveraging technology is truly the new marching order.  No one had complete idea of what this early-stage manifestation of applied drone systems and related fighting technology (to include lethal AI) would become. Well, welcome to 2023 and the shocking evolution that we are all witnessing and living through – and more importantly, what this will mean off the battlefield for business, the economy and government?


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Strategic Risk Assessment Talk
STRAT – Strategic Risk Assessment Talk, is a forum with a preparedness mindset. Mitigating risks, creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats, and understanding the objectives of a Business Continuity Plan. This is the podcast for leaders who are committed to being prepared. The program is hosted by retired Marine Corps intelligence officer and strategic risk assessment professional Hal Kempfer and investment banker Mark Mansfield.

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