Episode 7

Published on:

18th Sep 2023

STRAT | Making Manufacturing a Means of Mitigation

On this episode of STRAT...As global supply chains become increasingly more tenuous, and "de-risking" becomes a strategic by-word in industry and government, manufacturing technology and operations take on a renewed strategic importance reminiscent of the Cold War. In the concept of "Fortress North America," lines of internal communication and vertical integration are key, as business realizes that offshoring in places like China entails far greater risk on many levels. With the introduction of other variables, such as political upheaval, war and catastrophic events, extended supply chains emerge as a serious liability. Moreover, the manufacturing equation is being reworked given the flexibility that automation, artificial intelligence and robotics introduce, which can be a competitive advantage for both you and your competitor. STRAT looks at the risks, as well as the unintended consequences associated with some Manufacturing Strategies and Government Policies that are designed to recruit manufacturing tech/jobs but actually create ‘subsidy wars,’ and encourage commercial tech platforms to ‘subsidy shop,’ playing partners off against one another and unintentionally straining established political and defense alliances. STRAT looks at the risks as well as concrete “de-risking” actions and steps that can be taken to position manufacturing as a key means of mitigation. 

Mark Mansfield and Hal Kempfer explore the various facets of this topic, drilling down below the headlines and catch phrases to develop a better understanding of not just what it means, but figuring out what we need to do. 


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