Episode 13

Published on:

30th Oct 2023

STRAT | Strategic Business Implications of the War In Israel

Hosts Mark Mansfield and Hal Kempfer discuss a conflict that could potentially upend global supply chains and spur enormous prices shocks here at home. Beyond the enormous human tragedy of October 7th and now the grueling military campaign in Gaza, lies how this conflict can affect the War in Ukraine and the hegemonic “ascendancy” of China. Could China see this as an opportunity for military action in the South China Sea threatening the critical supply of Taiwan chip manufacturing and pulling the US into an enormous war in the West Pacific?! Will this drive more focus on Fortress North America and renewed central planning regards ‘industrial’ policies by ‘capitalistic’ countries as they try to secure their economies?! Further, this goes to Iran, and its role as the regional armchair quarterback of radicalized mayhem and general troublemaker of the Middle East. Mark and Hal look at three potential scenarios: 1) the conflict stays contained to Gaza and Israel; 2) it expands into a multi-front proxy war that is largely contained within Gaza/West Bank/Lebanon/Syria; or, 3) it expands to the “Full Monty” of naked aggression by Iran that endangers transit through the Persian Gulf, Straits of Hormuz and Bab El-Mandeb, the Red Sea and Suez Canal. If you are reliant on good from overseas, or just pumping gas into your car, this podcast has something you need to listen too.

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Strategic Risk Assessment Talk
STRAT – Strategic Risk Assessment Talk, is a forum with a preparedness mindset. Mitigating risks, creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats, and understanding the objectives of a Business Continuity Plan. This is the podcast for leaders who are committed to being prepared. The program is hosted by retired Marine Corps intelligence officer and strategic risk assessment professional Hal Kempfer and investment banker Mark Mansfield.

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