Episode 2

Published on:

31st Jul 2023

STRAT | India At A Crossroads

Welcome to STRAT, the insightful podcast hosted by renowned risk assessment expert Hal Kempfer and investment banker Mark Mansfield. In this thought-provoking episode, India at a Crossroads, the hosts embark on a riveting exploration of India's unprecedented growth and challenges. As India's rapid GDP expansion propels it to the top of the population charts, they ponder whether it can outpace China as the world's manufacturing center. Delving into the crucial issue of the youth bulge, they examine its potential as a demographic dividend or a ticking time bomb. With a spotlight on the pressing pollution problems akin to China, Hal and Mark assess India's strategies to combat environmental challenges. Moreover, they critically scrutinize the quality of India's education system and its capacity to support a burgeoning industrial labor force. Kempfer and Mansfield unravel the complexities of India's future, offering insightful perspectives on the path it must chart to secure its place on the global stage.

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Strategic Risk Assessment Talk
STRAT – Strategic Risk Assessment Talk, is a forum with a preparedness mindset. Mitigating risks, creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats, and understanding the objectives of a Business Continuity Plan. This is the podcast for leaders who are committed to being prepared. The program is hosted by retired Marine Corps intelligence officer and strategic risk assessment professional Hal Kempfer and investment banker Mark Mansfield.

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