Episode 3

Published on:

14th Aug 2023

STRAT | South of the Border Bonanza

With the rapid decrease in offshoring and foreign investment in China, and the advancement of a concept sometimes called “Fortress North America,” the potential of Mexico to benefit from this trend has never been greater. Mark Mansfield and Hal Kempfer explore what this means, how it mitigates supply chain risk globally, and some of the inherent challenges and strategic gains of realigning production and manufacturing to Mexico and Central America on this episode of STRAT.

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Strategic Risk Assessment Talk
STRAT – Strategic Risk Assessment Talk, is a forum with a preparedness mindset. Mitigating risks, creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats, and understanding the objectives of a Business Continuity Plan. This is the podcast for leaders who are committed to being prepared. The program is hosted by retired Marine Corps intelligence officer and strategic risk assessment professional Hal Kempfer and investment banker Mark Mansfield.

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